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Searching for the Love
Only God Could Give
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Ramona Lyons
My Story

         Ramona Lyons is a wife, mother, author and educator. Ramona was born and raised in the city of Detroit and graduated from Detroit Central High School with honors. She graduated and received a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree with a major in Special Education from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She is also an advocate for children with special needs and their parents.

          Ramona has a heart for people. She loves to communicate and the core of her being is to help others. She enjoys writing, dancing, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends. Ramona’s vision for several years was to start an organization inspired by her son who has special needs. Her children are her greatest love and motivation. She is founder of Chosen Hearts, an organization that brings empowerment, education and information to parents with children that have special needs.

          Her mission is to break the stigma by bridging the gap within the community with more awareness, understanding and empathy. Ramona’s passion is to motivate and empower women. She believes women are strong and resilient. “I want all women to win. I believe we all have a purpose and need one another.” She enjoys encouraging and uplifting women, especially the youth, and believes it’s imperative to reach the next generation.

          Ramona has experienced many trials in life such as hardship, loss and even betrayal. It was through some of those experiences that she began expressing her thoughts on paper. She used this freedom of expression to relieve stress and in some instances clarified thoughts and feelings.  Her experiences has shaped her and increased her faith. She credits her spirit of tenacity to God and his everlasting love.

          For many years she lacked self- love…. Searching and looking for love in all the wrong places. Searching for the love that only God could give. After overcoming many obstacles she was inspired to write “Love Nots” her story and testimony of her life. Ramona‘s life is a testament that through God, faith and the support of her family: that all things are possible.   

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Mission Statement


To empower, educate and provide parents resources to advocate for their children with special needs. By bridging the gap within the community with more awareness, understanding and empathy. 

About the Director


          Ramona Lyons is a mother, advocate and educator with a Bachelor of Science in Education Degree with a major in Special Education. She served as LSCO (Local School and Community Organization) Chairperson at Poe Developmental School in Detroit 2002-2004 under the leadership of Principal Jacqueline Elam. Ramona has participated in Schools of the 21st Century Parent Conference and Workshop as Parent speaker for Poe Developmental School Team. “Meeting the Challenge” Parents and Teachers Communicating for Success. Ramona has also served as Parent Advocate and Parent Facilitator twice at University of Detroit Mercy Special Education Teacher Seminar under the direction of Jacqueline Elam from 2008-2012. She is married with two beautiful children who are her life. Ramona’s dream and passion was to start an organization in honor of her son Christian who has special needs. Ramona‘s life is a testament that through God, faith and the support of her family: that all things are possible. Ramona credits her tenacious spirit and determination to God and to her son. Christian inspired her to believe beyond what her dreams could ever imagine. God gave me a miracle and I wanted to share that gift with the world.

Director of Chosen Hearts Ramona Lyons

          My son has changed my life. He is a testament to God’s love and will for my life. I thank him for the gift. Through many years of adversity and trials I found my God, my strength and my voice to speak for my son. I didn’t think or even realize that I had so much love inside of me to give to another human being. He has truly humbled me. Every day I look at him I believe in miracles. He is a Miracle! I was told that he would never walk, talk or even say mama. Over the years I have witnessed him overcome so many obstacles and boundaries, beyond anything my mind could ever imagine. I dedicate Chosen Hearts to him and other children with special needs. Children/ young adults who have unlocked their parents’ strength, determination and patience. I didn’t know myself, or my purpose until God gave me this precious little person who could fit in the palm of my hand. I encourage parents to embrace this life. We were Chosen to love, nurture and advocate for our children and young adults. Assist me in continuing this joyous journey; let’s share the light of our hearts with the world.




  • Movies

  • Picnics

  • Fundraisers/Bake sales

  • Sky Zone

  • Bowling

  • Skating

  • Zoo





Activities are created for recreational and educational purposes. I think this is a wonderful   time to take a break from the daily tasks and have a little fun.


These events will be scheduled so that parents and children can meet and interact with each other. It gives an opportunity for the children to be social and build new friendships. Also, allow parents to meet and communicate with other parents.





  • Individualized Education Plan- I.E.P.

  • Special Education Law 

  • Labeling Pros/Cons 

  • Nutrition

Let’s Meet the Need



          Many parents of children with special needs are in need. Some parents can’t work a full or part-time job because of their child's disability. Chosen Hearts is not a financial institution, but I would like for us to work together to help families connect with various agencies to receive financial support. There are special occasions that I hope we can come together and bless a family. For example, providing toys during the holidays, sponsoring a family for Thanksgiving Dinner and having coat drives for children. Certain families will be considered for assistance based on severity of the need. I think it is important to have the ability to give back and help someone who is struggling. Making a family happy and accommodating some of those needs will be a blessing. Let’s help meet the need together by helping those that are less fortunate.




Coat Drive


Food/Can drive for pantry


Special needs toys




          I appreciate Ramona's transparency in telling her very dramatic and emotional story of futile attempts to find love in all the wrong places. Not everyone has the courage to share their most painful and humiliating experiences the way she has. What is noteworthy about Ramona's journey, is that with God's help, she came to the end of herself and realized her need for God, a need for personal growth and development, that would ultimately lead to an increase of self-esteem and the ability to make better choices.

          Her story just sucked me dab smack in the middle of it. The intensity of it made me angry, sad, laugh, cry and rejoice. Her journey surprisingly became my own. Ramona gives a very distinct voice to self-love, a need for God, perseverance, and the reinventing of oneself!


- Jenine May Pres. KSPublishing

Next Event
Nov 19, 2021, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Beechwood Recreation Center,
22200 Beech Rd, Southfield, MI 48033, USA

Support Group


          Parents of children with special needs are special parents. We have so much to do on a daily basis. Some of us work and take care of our children. Life sometimes can be difficult. Between running to therapy sessions and trying to maintain our daily lives. It can get hectic. I wanted to create a time where parents can come and express what’s on their minds. Sometimes you need to vent. Many people try to be there for you as a form of support. For example, our families and our friends. We love and appreciate those individuals, but sometimes you need to talk to others who understand your journey. This is a time set aside to do just that. We will have some support group settings. Sometimes, you may need someone to just listen. Maybe you don’t want any advice, maybe you do, it’s totally up to you. This environment will be nonjudgmental, a time to express personal thoughts and feelings. These settings will be announced.